Thomas Hepp

Doctoral Researcher

Office: PZ814

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Research Interests

Counterfeits of products, such as counterfeit medications, can cause considerable harm to customers, as well as to the companies that produce the product being counterfeited. The authenticity validation of products relies on the capability to clearly prove if a product is an original, i.e. the ability to trace its origin and its location within the complete supply chain. Blockchains are decentralized, tamper-proof and transparent. Hence, the combination of supply chains with blockchain technology addresses the limitations of today’s state-of-the-art solutions.

My research addresses the usage of blockchain technology and how it could improve our lifes.

  • Blockchain-based Supply Chains
  •  Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Trusted Timestamping on the blockchain

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Winter Term 17

  • Seminar: Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain in Practice

Summer Term 17